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TOC About DiptychEditorial TeamContactTerms of UsePrivacySubmit your work for the Water issueSubmit your work for the Failure issue About Diptych dip·tych /ˈdiptik/ noun — a painting or writing tablet with two hinged panels which may be closed like a book. A school notebook is a modern example.verb — a magazine or journalistic or creative process that constantly seeks to juxtapose content and ideas in new and unexpected ways. The process of combining image with text, sight with sound, movement with meditation, and fiction with non-fiction. The infinitive to diptych refers not only to a magazine launched in 2019, but also…

Failure Pitch
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Issue out: 1 December ’19. About the Failure issue Sometimes failure teaches Sometimes failure is painful Sometimes failure is ridiculous Sometimes failure is devastating We live in a media culture in pursuit of the illusion of success. We live in a world where six “perfect” Victoria’s Secret models, photoshopped to impossibility, define an unattainable body image as a goal for countless women We live in a world where we carefully curate our foodstagrams in the hope that they will invoke more FOMO in our friends than we invoke in ourselves We live in a world that worships at the altar…

Water Pitch
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Issue out: 1 September ’19. About the Water issue It’s what the human body is mostly made of It’s what makes Earth unique It’s what the barren surface of Mars once had, but has since lost We play in it It quenches our thirst We anoint the sick with it Along with Climate Change, Plastics, Nuclear Proliferation, and Surveillance Capitalism, water, or the lack of clean water, threatens to cause unimaginable world suffering here in the 21st century In our world, you can find it as a liquid or a gas or a solid it changes state easily the hard…