Failure Pitch
2019 May 19 By Glenn Zucman 1 comment
Issue out: 1 December ’19.
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About the Failure issue

Sometimes failure teaches

Sometimes failure is painful

Sometimes failure is ridiculous

Sometimes failure is devastating

We live in a media culture in pursuit of the illusion of success.

We live in a world where six “perfect” Victoria’s Secret models, photoshopped to impossibility, define an unattainable body image as a goal for countless women

We live in a world where we carefully curate our foodstagrams in the hope that they will invoke more FOMO in our friends than we invoke in ourselves

We live in a world that worships at the altar of success. We worship people who make money because money is the easiest, if false, metric of success. We live in a world where even if it turns out that someone, the president of the United States say, lost more money than any other American in the past decade, we worship them anyway, for having successfully projected the illusion of making money

We want it all: the perfect body, toned to perfection at the gym; the perfect career, filled with satisfaction, power, and profit; the perfect marriage, to a partner almost as successful as we are; and perfect children, who love their successful parents who always have time for them

We love the illusion of success

we can smell it

like freshly printed money

failure smells like death

Yet success is not the way of living things.

The simple act of opening an envelope slices our finger half the time

Nothing packaged in a sealed plastic view-tainer can ever be opened, ever

we can’t even open a mylar or plastic bag of chips

From the failure to open a bag of chips to the failure of our marriage, we are surrounded by failure even as the media that we both consume and create manufactures the illusion of success

The Editorial Team at Diptych invites you to submit work considering failure.

The humor of failure

The pain of failure

Send us your non-fiction, your fiction, your poetry

Send us your photography, your audio, your video

Make a painting or a dance or music about failure

In spite of all the failure in your life, try to actually submit something.

logo featuring the letter "F"

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