Water Pitch
2019 May 19 By Glenn Zucman 0 comment
Issue out: 1 September ’19.
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About the Water issue

It’s what the human body is mostly made of

It’s what makes Earth unique

It’s what the barren surface of Mars once had, but has since lost

We play in it

It quenches our thirst

We anoint the sick with it

Along with Climate Change, Plastics, Nuclear Proliferation, and Surveillance Capitalism, water, or the lack of clean water, threatens to cause unimaginable world suffering here in the 21st century

In our world, you can find it as a liquid

or a gas

or a solid

it changes state easily

the hard ice cube that takes so much force for my teeth to crush, or would hurt if I threw it at you, will be an innocent puddle within the hour

Can you imagine a world without clouds?

For our upcoming Water issue, the editorial team at Diptych invites you to consider Water and it’s role in our lives here on earth.

Write some fiction.

Or non-fiction.

Or a poem.

Freeze your anime figurines in blocks of ice and photograph them melting.

Or make a painting of clouds.

Make a video of people surfing in the ocean.

Record the sounds of water dripping in a subterranean cavern.

Choreograph a dance in or about water.

Diptych seeks your creativity.

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